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Publications Featuring Dr. Paul's PRISE Research Study

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Dr. Paul on Look At Health on June 30th

Dr. Paul is published again!

Dr. Paul's new study appears in the Journal of Applied Physiology
[Click here to read the study abstract]
Dr. Paul's research findings show that properly timed meals combined with a multi-mode exercise training program (PRISE) will result in greater loss of total body mass, fat mass and belly fat, while gaining a greater percentage of lean body mass compared to other groups. Dr. Paul's Protocol continues to produce real evidence to support a lifestyle using his PRISE exercise routine and proper meal timing to enhance health and performance!
Dr. Paul J. Arciero ("Dr. Paul") has more than 25 years of research and expertise on nutrition, exercise physiology, and achieving optimal health and athletic performance. Dr.Paul has been published numerous times over in leading peer-reviewed science and medical journals.

Nourishing Science was founded by Dr. Paul to debunk the most popular diet and weight loss myths, and to promote the pursuit of "Optimal Health for Life". Dr. Paul communicates his discoveries in the science of nutrition, exercise, and performance through his new Protocol.

Until now, this wealth of scientific information has been mostly tucked away inside scientific journals, read by other scientists. With the urging of countless people who have benefited from his knowledge and passion, Dr. Paul has finally decided to uncover this information for anyone that is interested in reaping the benefits of his research.

He has brought all this information together into one simple, easy-to-follow program:

Dr. Paul’s ProtocolTM and the DP4 SystemTM

Dr. Paul’s Protocol™ is the scientifically proven way to help you gain and tone muscle...lose weight and belly fat...and improve your overall health and performance. Dr. Paul's Protocol™ is a 16-Week Personal Coaching Program with scientifically proven results.

Dr. Paul is interviewed on "Weigh In On Wellness"

hosted live on 1300 Talk Radio in Albany, New York. In this interview he summarizes his "Protocol", and how "nutrition trumps exercise every time!"

First half of interview:

Second half of interview:

Dr. Paul Receives International Recognition!"

Dr. Paul's research has been cited in a compendium of internationally recognized studies by the American College of Sports Medicine. The article is titled: "Appropriate Physical Activity Intervention Strategies for Weight Loss and Prevention of Weight Regain for Adults
International Recognition for Dr. Paul by ACSM